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For twenty years visitors have been coming here to Frog and Sparrow Vacation Rentals on the beach at Obstruction Pass on Orcas Island. Most of our guests are returnees, some for more than a decade and we welcome new people every year. Ours is definitely not a money-making operation and we count ourselves lucky when we break even after taxes, repairs and upgrades. We have enjoyed sharing this wonderful setting and renting means we can afford to live here and have a place to host family and friends (usually on the off-season).

We are the owners, managers, bookkeepers and housekeepers of Frog and Sparrow. We are the gardeners, launderers and handy-people who keep the place going. We are frequently the painters and we mow the lawn once in a while (meaning whenever it gets mowed). The gorgeous carpentry which is replacing some of the original funkiness is the work of several local artisans. Most of the materials were milled on the island. Some of the cedar and most of the deck support-poles were delivered to the beach by winter storms. The hand split cedar was produced the old fashioned way: with strong arms and a mallet and froe.

We particularly enjoy the gardens which supply flowers for you and sometimes for the deer. We grow organic vegetables which we share with neighbors and guests in season. Some of our crops are more successful than others and what we grow changes from year to year. We almost always have herbs and some kind of greens and/or salad makings.

We’ve been pretty low key in advertising from the beginning, depending on word of mouth and people who are attracted to the drawings on our website. Now we have this blog which we are still getting used to, trying to find our way around and get some photos up.

Just now we’re only renting Frog and Columbine, frequently both to the same group, but it’s possible that we will get Sparrow back into the action by summer. Sparrow recently got a new deck and we are getting ready to reclaim her garden and fruit trees from the deer.

Our cabins are in a wonderful spot with great views and equally great neighbors, who are mostly here only in the summer. Frog and Columbine were built more than sixty years ago, back when the area was a forest right up to the beach. Ours are definitely the oldest houses  still standing on this little beach. Both retain their funky aspects, but little by little, we are making them more attractive, comfortable and functional, still trying to keep their original charm. As far as we know, we are the least expensive vacation rentals here that are located right on a low bank beach. We ask that you join us in respecting the fragility of these old houses, and help us take care of the aging siding and plumbing.

We like to have a conversation with someone in each new renting group so that we can be sure you are getting the place you would like to stay and to see if you have any special requests that will make your stay more rewarding. (And if you are renting as a gift to others, we like to talk to the people who will actually be staying here as well.) For those reasons, all reservations are made by phone.

We enjoy our guests and appreciate the care they have give our houses, grounds and beach and we hope to hear from you.

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