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Mo’ Snow

It’s snowing as I write this and it’s hard to keep a sense of humor about it. The photo was taken four days ago and it hasn’t gotten above freezing since. Tomorrow, though, it’s supposed to warm up and rain. In fact, the overnight low temperature is supposed to be four degrees warmer than now. Weird. Well, I’m ready for warmer and don’t mind the rain. Probably lost all the seedlings in the garden. Luckily, I have a lot more seeds. Just not much patience. Sybil, the outdoor cat of many personalities, has morphed into an indoor cat who prefers sleeping under the wood stove. Othercat, the other outdoor cat, gets cabin fever after about five seconds inside the house. I don’t know where he goes to get warm. I have to keep changing his water dish because it freezes pretty quickly outside. So do I. Well, so much for maritime climates. We’ve got lettuce seedlings and cipollini onion starts sitting by the stove waiting for spring planting, whenever that is.

Frog's deck February 23. 2011


The Rains Will Come

The alders are full of tiny birds. Because it’s overcast and we are at such a high latitude, everything is in silhouette by mid-afternoon and I can’t tell what the birds are. There must be over a hundred of them, fast moving. The look like they’re  eating alder catkins but they are moving so fast it hard to imagine they can eat at the same time. Then, suddenly they are gone and it’s like they were never here at all.

Shortly after the cloud of little birds departed, a light rain started, a reminder to bring in enough wood for a couple of days, though it’s not cold, just damp. We’ve been promised serious rain (flood watch over all of Western Washington for the next few days) and it’s good to be prepared. That means a good fire, a great book (in this case, In the Woods by Tana French), hot soup with warm homemade crackers. The (normally outdoor) cats are waiting to get in, one at each glass door. They know it’s going to be a cozy evening.