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Pigeon begins message in Seattle snow, 2008

It’s been two nights since it first started snowing and the temperature has been dropping ever since. Right now, according to my trusty thermometer, it’s just under 20 degrees F. The wind is howling. Yep, it a nor’easter, meaning the wind whips down from the Fraser Valley,  right after it leaves the Arctic tundra. View of the water with its big waves is just magnificent, if you like to watch storms from the window of a warm room. The snow is swirling. Flakes today were tiny: a really dry snow. We have just over three inches, though it’s hard to tell because the last snowfall blows around a lot after it lands.

I’d post a picture of Frog in the snow and of the big waves, but, alas, my camera is broken. So instead, I’m posting a picture of a pigeon who was beginning to write a message in the snow. I took the photo a couple of years ago when we were living in Seattle for the winter. Do you remember that winter? Didn’t get above freezing for about thirteen days and the buses stopped running and Mayor Nichols began losing his job because of the weather, and how he didn’t manage street clearing and public transportation in a way that suited the voting public.  Well, it’s snowing in Seattle even as I write this and the new Mayor is probably practicing his new religion, praying to the weather gods.

One garden note: There is a huge beautiful cauliflower that I should have cut before the freeze, but I forgot. Now I’m wondering if I can cut it frozen if I cook it right away. Worth a try anyway, particularly if I roast it. With garlic. And parmesan cheese sprinkled on right at the end. (Now it’s a few hours later and the frozen cauliflower has been cooked. The flavor is fine but the texture is a little rubbery.)

Anyway, I hope I get a new camera soon and I hope it warms up soon. (And, I’d like to tell you the rest of the message the pigeon wrote back in 2008, but it’s kind of personal.)